Getting started


For beginners? Yes and even for those who think they know!

Years of cycling does not take away from getting the basics right 

These points are the basics to be able to enjoy your cycling, however as you get further into the game of cycling the list of spares, cycling kit, gadgets and luxuries will expand.


  1.  Bike Purchase - correct size – this is crucial for your effectivity, comfort/enjoyment and to help prevent injuries. When purchasing your bike ensure you have been properly measured and you chose the right bike both for fit and functionality.

  2. Bike fit – make sure you have a proper bike fit when purchasing your bike. Most bike retailers offer this free when purchasing a new bike, but if you have purchased a secondhand bike ensure you go to a professional bike fitter.

  3. Buy a good well-fitting helmet! 

  4. Shoes are also important and need to fit well, so correct size is important.

  5. Gloves – very important especially in case of a fall

  6. Cycling clothing. Most important is a well fitted padded cycling bib or pants as well as a cycling shirt, a gillet and arm warmers for cooler weather and a rain jacket for those wet rides!

  7. Essential Spares – compact hand pump, multi-tool, Tyre levers, bombs (CO2 cartridges), bomb adaptor, plugs, plug tool and for road cycling a spare tube. A small saddle bag to carry all this is helpful.

  8. Safety lights – important is a strong reflecting rear light and if you are on the road a front light would be a good idea too.

  9. Cycling Sunglasses – to prevent bugs, branches, stones, dust etc potentially harming your eyes. Makes you look cool too 

  10. Water Bottles or hydration packs