Touring Kit

Essentials for a 3-7 day unsupported Tour


Depending on the tour, terrain, weather and carrying limitations I have been able to easily do many tours with very little!

Essential is enough water (bottles) to get you through the day. Farmers are usually very friendly and will help supply, however, mountains can provide fresh clean water too! Energy fizzes for the water bottles although not essential is well worth taking.

Tools - Multi Tool, Small Hand Pump, Bomb Adaptor, 2 x Bombs, Small puncture Repair Kit, Plugs, Plug Tool, small bottle lube. Handy is a small toothbrush for cleaning dirty chains/derailers.

Medication - small tube anti septic cream, anti-histamines, Pain killers, small First Aid Kit, Personal medication.

Non Essentials - these can make the Tour a lot easier! Energy Bar snacks, Bum Cream, Ear plugs, Mosquito repellant, Travel wash, lighter, wall plug adaptors for phone chargers etc.

Clothing - Cycling kit x 2, Buff, 1 pair arm warmers, 1 x Gillet, 2 x socks, 1 x Casquette, 1 x light rain jacket, 1 x gloves, 1 x light long pants, 2 x underwear, 1 x light t-shirt, 1 x long sleeve t-shirt, 1 x Puffer Jacket, 1 x light shorts/costume, 1 pr light sneakers